Roosevelt Highway (US 29) Corridor Enhancement Plan

MPH and Associates, Inc., as a subconsultant, served as Project Manager for this study.  The Roosevelt Highway Corridor Enhancement Plan was designed to promote increased economic development in South Fulton County by beautifying and visually unifying the US 29 corridor along the 16-mile stretch between Palmetto and College Park.  The study focused on making the transportation, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and roadway facilities in the corridor safer, more convenient, and more appealing.  The plan identifies potential development and re-development opportunities involving parcels of land that abut the Roosevelt Highway right-of-way in addition to proposing specific public improvements to the transportation system.  The relationship between land use, transit facilities and operations, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and vehicular movement were examined in detail throughout the study.  Bicycle and pedestrian facilities were identified for specific placement throughout the corridor. Ultimately, the plan addresses “livability issues” that affect the overall quality of life along the corridor.