Georgia Regional ITS Architecture

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) contracted with a consultant team to develop the Georgia Regional ITS (GRITS) Architecture. The statewide architecture serves as a roadmap for future ITS deployment in the state. Georgia has already utilized many ITS applications that have proven to be cost-effective alternative solutions to costly capacity expansion projects.  The Georgia Regional ITS Architecture defines the ITS systems that have been or will be deployed in the State of Georgia over the next 20 years. Systems such as emergency management (at the GEMA level), commercial vehicle operations, the NaviGAtor system, and Georgia State Patrol operations will be included in the statewide architecture. Connectivity between regional architectures within the state will be included, as well as interstate coordination between Georgia agencies and agencies from bordering states. MPH and Associates, Inc. assisted with stakeholder outreach, policy coordination, and document preparation to ensure that the technical information generated throughout the study was presented in a manner that is easily understood by all potential users.