Long Range Transportation Plan and Urban Area Modeling Assistance Project

The Georgia Department of Transportation secured a team to assist in the development of Long Range Transportation Plans (LRTPs) for the Albany and Brunswick MPOs in Georgia and to assist in urban area modeling and air quality analysis where needed for areas identified by GDOT.  Elements of the LRTP component of the study included technical assistance to GDOT and MPO staffs in public participation and outreach, financial feasibility analyses, and plan development and documentation.  The modeling component of the study included technical assistance in air quality analysis and documentation, model refinement of urban area models, preparation of a model development and maintenance manual, and development of socioeconomic and land use data development procedures. A final component of the study included the development of a project management plan to coordinate and manage the various activities conducted as part of the overall effort. MPH and Associates, Inc. assisted in the LRTP development and project management plan development components of the study.