Indian Trail Livable Centers Initiative in Norcross, GA

A Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) study was performed for Indian Trail‑Lilburn Road in Gwinnett County.  One aspect that makes this a unique corridor is a previous LCI study activity center is at each end, the City of Norcross to the west and the City of Lilburn to the east.  Through the public outreach process which included working closely with a Stakeholders Committee and sponsoring a Design Charrette, a vision was coalesced for the land use development and redevelopment opportunities and supportive transportation improvement projects were identified.  Two specific redevelopment plans were proposed, each higher density mixed use that took advantage of proximity to the Interstate interchange.  In addition, a hybrid redevelopment framework that could be applied at any of the numerous older strip shopping centers was proposed.  The primary transportation improvement project identified was a multi-use trail that would parallel Indian Trail‑Lilburn Road.  This facility would promote walking and bicycling from the residential areas to the institutional, office, and retail/commercial areas in the corridor.  Also identified were enhancements to the local transit service to facilitate increased transit usage.  MPH and Associates, Inc. participated in the review of multimodal recommendations and in the overall quality control for the project documentation.