ARTS Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update

The Augusta Regional Transportation Study (ARTS) has secured a consulting team to update the MPO’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.  The plan update will focus on enabling the ARTS area to be better place to walk and bicycle.  The study will provide guidance to enable the region to become a network of interconnected communities where residents and visitors can travel comfortably by walking or biking in connection with transit and the automobile.   To achieve a balanced plan, thorough analysis of the existing infrastructure conditions must be completed with gaps in the regional bicycle and pedestrian network identified through the use of technical tools and the stakeholder and public input process.  Concerns with safety, connectivity, and quality of existing facilities presently inhibit the ease of movement between the region’s bicycle, pedestrian, and transit networks.  MPH and Associates, Inc. is leading the stakeholder and public involvement components of the study.